Sunday, 2 June 2013

now that  I'm well under way with the artwork for this project, I have time to reflect about the experiences of making my own comic. lets be honest it's about time too.
making a blog about it's creation has definately been the first challenge. now that I have a large chunk of concept art I can post a lot more images. I also have some images showing how I build up the pages for the comic.
this post is about working to self imposed deadlines.
writing the script for this was a genuinely quick process, if a scene didn't work/fit the story it was removed quickly. I concentrated on the main scenes that I already had mapped out in my head (I have been planning to do this for a while now) this was a great platform to build on and flesh out. getting people to proof read the script became invaluable, it was encouraging tol know that what I was making made sense and had a genuine storyline that is (hopefully) engaging.
I can generally turn out a page in an evening, from storyboarding the page to pencils to inking and then scanning the images into photoshop and cleaning the panels up. the effects of this gave me the chance to review some of the pages that I had already completed. I have started to redraw panels that I genuinely felt were rushed. I haven't started putting in speech bubbles yet but thats a story for a later post.
thanks for reading this and keep an eye out for some art coming soon

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