Friday, 8 February 2013

I really wanted to give everyone a gist of how the idea to do a trilogy of graphic novels finally came about. My influences in this genre vary, I love DC and Marvel, their comics have been a staple diet for most of my life (thanks Dad). My all time favourite character is Nightwing (Marv Wolfman and George Perez' Teen Titans comics are part of my prized possessions).
One weekend in my teenage years I was introduced to Anime, AKIRA to be precise. that was amovie I have played over and over. this led me into reading Manga. My first Katsuhiro Otomo' Akira is still one of my favourite series, a close contender is the Dragonball series by Akira Toriyama. both of these comcs led me to thinking about my own ideas for stories. the general scope and epic quality of a lot of these graphic novels was something that always daunted me. until I read a Manga called FLCL by Yoji Enokido. A tale that had the same impact in the level of storytelling that DBZ and Akira both contained, but told with fewer pages.
I always wanted to attempt something at this level, but the right ideas never really came about. My introduction to autobiographical comics gave me an idea to play with the concept of taking myself and using the toon that came from this idea to be the protagonist of the story I wanted to tell.
Why Zombies? I have loved zombie movies for years, George Romero' Dawn of the Dead is still in my mind the greatest zombie movie EVER! I took this love/obsession and it naturally became the setting for the story I wanted to tell. (I've mentioned all this in minor details earlier in the blog, sorry if I've repeated myself)
thanks for taking the time reading my ramblings and showing an interest in my work, hope it lives up to  expectations and I will be posting some character design pics soon.

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